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Welcome to our website
We have many different electronic components and nylon fasteners available in stock and the range will be extended over the coming months as we add more parts. We offer competitive prices, no minimum order value and a UK delivery charge of just £1.25 for any mix or quantity of parts purchased. Our aim is to make buying from us, as simple and straightforward as possible.

Thumbscrews M3

M3 Nylon Thumbscrews

Nylon Grubscrews Slotted

Slotted Head Grubscrews in thread sizes from M4 to M6

Nylon Spacers Black

Nylon spacers in black nylon. Thread size M3 to M10

Resistor Selections

Resistor Selection - 1/4w Carbon Film 5% Tolerance Resistor Kit

Thumbscrews M4

M4 Nylon Thumbscrews

Penny Washers

Larger nylon washers in a range of sizes from M6 to M8

Black Washers

Black Nylon washers available in a range of sizes from M6 to M10

Crystals HC-49-S

A range of crystals in a low profile HC-49-S Package