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Nylon Fasteners


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Thumbscrews M3

M3 Nylon Thumbscrews

Carbon Film 1/4w Resistors

General Purpose Carbon Film Resistors

Nylon Grubscrews Slotted

Slotted Head Grubscrews in thread sizes from M4 to M6

Nylon Spacers Black

Nylon spacers in black nylon. Thread size M3 to M10

500mW Zener Diodes

500mW Zener Diodes 2.7 to 30v

Resistor Selections

Resistor Selection - 1/4w Carbon Film 5% Tolerance Resistor Kit

Thumbscrews M4

M4 Nylon Thumbscrews


Washer selections in a range of screw sizes from M2 to M12 in both natural and black finish.

Penny Washers

Larger nylon washers in a range of sizes from M6 to M8

Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum bead capacitors in a range of values and voltages

Black Washers

Black Nylon washers available in a range of sizes from M6 to M10

1.5A TO-220 Package

Fixed and variable voltage regulators

Rectifier Diodes

Axial Leaded 1A Rectifier Diodes

Small Signal Diodes

Axial Leaded Small Signal Diodes